Miller Park // August 26th, 2016

Our wonderful sponsors:

Oh my gosh I'm excited! This is Brandon, your race director. I tell you what, I've never seen so much energy packed into such a small space. Racers lay it out on the line with an amazing explosion of muscle twitching BAMMM!

Street sprints are bracket style racing packed into a distance of ~150 meters. Racers line up four at a time, two move on to the next heat and we do that till there is only one left. The CHAMPION! 

Everyone is welcome to come out and watch, or race (you know you want to, I know you can do it). 

As firm details arrive they will be posted here. #letsrace

7/24/2016: Ok! Street Sprints are on! They will take place in Miller Park in Bloomington. Paperwork is being finalized and registration will open up in the next week or so. Again, these will take place the night before the crit on August 26th. Day of registration will open at 5pm and racing will start promptly at 6pm. #itshappening